Sonja and Conan against the Ninjas

Play mat, draw cards and Barbarian dice

Free Version - Installer

Sonja and Conan against the Ninjas is a pulp action role-playing game written by Guillaume Jentey.

The Miro plugin allows you to generate a play mat, roll the dice for Barbarian, randomly draw cards Technical Ninjas with the inability to draw the same card twice, generate Adventures and blank cards.

Play Mat
The Play Mat consists of the following elements:
- Barbarian sheet
- Dice results for words and sentences of Barbarian
- Locations for cards (Preparation, Technicals Ninjas, Adventures, destroyed cards)
- Game aids : Reminder of rules and Preparation

Full Version available.

Only in French for now.
English version in progress!

The plugin Sonja and Conan against the Ninjas is a tool allowing you to facilitate your session of the eponymous role-playing game but doesn't give you access to the rules of the game.
You can buy the game here : https://guillaumejentey.itch.io/sonja-et-conan-contre-les-ninjas