About Me

Do you like escape your mind, like role playing and / or board games ? Life does not allow you to meet your friends around a table and you want try virtual tabletop ? There are many solutions today and I want to help you for that.

The goal of this website is to offer you some applications, plugins et tools, especially for the website Miro, Realtimeboard and Discord, specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

I like all types of games (videos games, board games, roleplaying games) and share with others. I encountered some difficulties when I tried to find virtual tabletop. Wheter it's my relatively shy side or the tools that are nots always accessible to everyone in a group or the lack of functionnality.

And it is these last points that bring us here !

We are late 2019. I discover a virtual world, full of real people and extremly caring, sharing the same passion. And it was at the turn of one of these meetings that I started to develop applications / plugins / bots for different game supports.

Long Journey

The journey over the next three months was intense. More than four years to catch up on the evolution of technologies, without having practiced since. Like cycling, it's not forgotten, but it takes a lot of rehabilitation to get back into it! But today I can finally share with you and offer you tools to improve your gaming experience .

I sincerely wish to accompany you in your steps, and invite you to follow me as well as to express your needs and desires in order to participate in the realization of new applications for all!